Dante DeStefano (he/him/his)
[Dahn-TAY De-STEF-ano]
dante@ragbonestudio.com | 404-368-2303

I'm an IATSE Local 479 Set Decorator, Production Designer, Buyer & artist from Atlanta, Georgia. I've been working in the Atlanta film industry since 2017. As an Atlanta native, I combine a keen eye for design and selection with a familiarity with the city/state to help film Decorators deliver amazing sets on time. I love a scavenger hunt! I also have a great specialty network of local film-friendly artists who are happy to contribute cleared artwork to your next film set.


Creating everything from magazine covers to character design and TV commercials, I blend my personal style into every project I tackle, including film, television, digital, & print media. I've loved animation and puppetry since I was a kid. My favorite Muppet is Gonzo. As a misunderstood artist, all-around weirdo, and eccentric dresser, he is my spirit guide.

I've worked with commercial clients such as Netflix, Twentieth Television, Adult Swim, Primal Screen, BBDO, Home Depot, Chorus Films, Green Pants Productions, Toys 'R' Us, and The Center for Puppetry Arts.

I know my way around a film set, puppet stage, drafting desk, easel, and computer. I combine my passion for drawing, painting, and film with a sharp eye for design and love of the strange and unusual to create my own unique stories.

In my free time, my happy place is outside in nature, either floating down a river in a tube, hiking, or gardening.

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